Booty, Barre, & Bands

Join us for Booty, Barre, Bands a fusion of cardio, Pilates, yoga, stretching and strength training. The class is designed to increase stamina and create long lean muscles. Get shapely shoulders and tight glutes. Build a strong body from which one can transition into more advanced stages, including a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a range of difficulties, from beginner to advanced.

Ballet Barre Class

Stretch & Flex 

Low impact Class using techniques such as PNF stretching, ballistic stretching, calisthenics and ballet conditioning our focus is to improve lines and develop skills that will allow the dancer to achieve more advanced moves. All Fitness Levels  (Also known as  Strength & Flexibility for Pole Dancers).

Dancer's Flexibility

Aerial Stretch 

Take your stretching to the next level. Aerial Stretch is a class suitable for all fitness levels. The first part of class will include  flowing movement and stretches in the hammock. The second half will include beginner to intermediate inversions The  last few minutes will be to relax and giving into gravity and relaxation. All levels welcome! recommend some aerial experience to know whether inversions are ok for you. 

Aerial Hammock Fitness

Exotic Chair

Learn to maneuver yourself around a chair like you’ve never imagined. Strengthen muscles you never knew you had and explore your sexuality in a whole new way. Turn your floor and chairs into a stage. Bring your heels and knee pads. Learn a fun and flirty routine. Each class repeats once to make sure you have lots of choreography practice. 

Zumba Dance Class

Burlesque Choreography Series

This class is designed for students to feel empowered and tap into their sexy, sassy side, and strut across the floor! Each week the group will add to a routine  (preferably in heels), allowing students to let go in a judgement free environment while being surrounded by amazing, strong people! This is a 5 class series. Each class adds onto the previous weeks choreography.  Open to all fitness levels. See Calendar for Next Start Dates.


Chair Burlesque Series

Lets get sassy! This class bring sassy characterization to your dancing. Using the Chair and other props to have fun routine over 5 classes . 


Belle-y Fusion


Belle-y Fusion fuses essence of Middle Eastern and Central Asian dance with elements of Contemporary and Ballet to create a whole new experience. Graceful and yet dynamic movements will sure to get your body moving in ways you've never thought you could. Focus is on building the body foundation to get you ready for any dance movements. The class is suitable for newcomers to dance as well as those with intermediate experience. TBD

Professional Belly Dancing

Exotic Beginner Pole Series 

Want to learn a sexy sensual routine? Here is your chance. Grabs your heels and sign up the 5 class pole series. Each class you will add onto the next so you have a full routine you can show off your skills. We will have a 5 class series starting Various start dates 

Pole Dancer in Action

Aerial Strong - Boot Camp

This is an all over conditioning class to help you gain strength. It's focus is to gain the necessary strength needed to perform pole moves easily and without muscle fatigue and strain. You do not have to take pole to feel and see the benefits of this class. All Fitness levels welcome. You do not need Pole experience for this class. Some use of the pole but may use various other equipment to condition the muscles needed. Similar to a boot camp but more pole focus.

Pole Fitness Class

Pole Levels - Intro To Advanced

Our Pole Levels start at Intro to Pole and then move up to Advanced pole. These are skilled based not time or class taken based. For more information on our skill levels read the FAQ on skill based learning. Or read the class descriptions of each level and pre-requisite.

Pole Skill Levels Intro to Advance

You must register for all classes PRIOR to attending. 

Class Calendar & Registration

Class Descriptions


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