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I don't have any dance experience can I take your classes?

Absolutely! The beauty of our lessons is that each move is broken down into easy-to-learn steps. We guarantee that you will feel sexy and confident while performing each move. Modifications are also provided to those with limited range of motion, or previous injuries, so that each person can safely perform each move.

What do you do in your classes?

Strut fitness and dance classes are dance and fitness-based classes focused on building muscle tone and improving cardiovascular health. Classes meet on a weekly basis, and may be tailored to meet the fitness needs of the group. The classes can incorporate moves from Pilates, yoga, burlesque and, pole fitness (depending on the class). Students get great cardiovascular and strength training workouts, while also stretching their muscles. Students can expect to leave class feeling sexy, strong, and confident.

What do I wear/bring to class?

The most important thing to bring is a great attitude! Burlesque and Pole fitness are extremely fun, so it’s important to not take yourself too seriously. Yoga wear is recommended, as you will want to be comfortable and be able to move easily. The lessons are usually performed in your bare feet or non marking runners/shoes Yoga mats are also recommended for lessons focusing on floor work.

What is your age limit to take classes?

Like any exercise program if you are under the age of consent, (18 years), you will need to have your parents consent to take classes. Minimum age is 16 with parental consent.

What if I am pregnant can I take classes?

Unless we recieve a Doctors not for the activity you wish to participate in we do not all you to participate any exercise programs while pregnant or within 12 weeks of delivery.

How does memberships and series work?

Well as a member you can take as many dance and fitness classes you wish too. However if you sign up for a series either Pole, Burlesque, or other you are automatically assumed to be register in full series. Unless you have already indicated or discussed with Studio.

How do I register for classes?

You can register right from the classes page. First you would select the class you are interested in attending. If you are a new student you would select "create account" or if you are a returning student you would sign in. You must click on the confirmation link sent to your email. You will see a tab at the top that says you can purchase a pass or look at the calendar. The class will say which passes are applicable for that particular pass. Series are a bit different they have a specific pass but those who have a membership can do them as well (contact us for details). You can then purchase the pass you would like. Packages can be from a single drop-in to a monthly membership (contact us for membership details)  you can choose depending on what your needs are. Once you are in your Wellness Living account add an app Achieve App save it to your phone for quick booking. Please note all classes must be paid prior to booking into them

What if I am a member and have Membership with 8, pass package and I want to take more than i have?

As a member we want you to still take the classes. You can purchase a single class or punch pass to supplement your classes. If you take more than your allotted frequently you may want to upgrade. Single fitness/dance are $15 and pole/aerial are $20

What does auto renew on memberships mean?

Your membership is monthly and renews each month automatically. If you wish to suspend or stop you would need to give us 30 days notice in person prior to your next payment to make sure you are able to use the remainder of your classes.

What If I wish not to auto renew my membership?

You can give us 30 days notification in person to cancel your existing membership prior to the end of term, or if you wish to continue with a monthly membership you can renew at the current monthly rate. All requests are done in studio.

What happens if I can't come to class and don't cancel a class that I am registered in?

If you have paid for the drop-in or pass or series class you will be deducted that class as if you were there, unless you give us 3 hour notice of cancelling. If you are a term member you will charged a $10 fee plus gst for the missed class to be processed at your next billing cycle. If you are a 8 monthly pass member you will lose one of your classes. Please note if registered into a series your spot is reserved for all classes in that series once you register for the first class. We do this because you have secured a spot which makes it unavailable for others to register.

Why do I have to pay a fee or lose a class for a missed class?

We have a waiting list for classes and if you fail to show up without notice we are unable to let that person know that there is an availability. Instructors are compensated based on attendance at our cut off time before class, if there is a no-show that not only takes a spot away from a possible student, it takes way from instructor compensation.

How do I give notice I am unable to make it?

There are a multiple ways to deregister yourself. You can go online and take yourself off, email, text, or call. If you are sick its best to remove yourself early, you can always re register if you feel better.

How much time do I have to register for a class?

You can register 2 weeks ahead of time up to Three (3) hours before a class starts, then registration closes. If you chose to show up there is no guarantee for a spot in class.

What if I go away on vacation or have other issues where I can’t use purchased classes?

If you have a membership you can put you can pause your membership.  You must give written notice in studio prior to vacation. Its best to give 30 days notice so you can use you passes prior to going away. When we unpause your membership you will be billed from the day you restart.  Exception: Series Classes are to be considered used in full once you start the series. We do allow for a make-up class If you have given the appropriate notice. If you have a medical issue confirmation may be asked. Retroactive holds will not be accepted. We do not do refunds.

What if I move and have an outstanding balance of classes?

Unfortunately we do not give refunds, however, you can give your remaining passes to a friend. These classes can be transferred once only. We would need a written consent from you telling us who you wanted the remaining classes to go to so we could set up an account for them.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not do refunds for classes, memberships or workshops as our student space is limited. Parties only can be cancelled prior to 30 days of event or else you will lose your deposit.

What if I need to cancel my membership before the term is up?

If going on hold, or transferring your membership is not an option for you, you can cancel your membership by paying 40% of the balance that is due for the membership. Applies to term membership only (3,6,12 month). If you cancel a Bronze, Silver or Gold Membership, cancellation will take effect at the end of the existing month provided you gave 30 days notice. See cancellations for more details.

How long are my passes good for? What happens when my passes expire?

Monthly memberships expire each month and your unsed passed do not carry over. If you purchased a (1) single pass you have 30 days, (5) five pass you have 60 days, 10 pass 120 days to use your pass. Your series classes will be 30 days from the start of series or 60 days from purchase. Unfortunately we can not extend your expiry you will have to make sure you can use in the time frame allotted for the pass.

I purchased a Groupon and didn't use up all my passes with in the time frame, or I didn't activate before expiry?

When you purchased your Groupon pass it stated that you had 90 days to activate and then to use within the 90 days of activation. This is to follow our existing guidelines we set prior to advertising. Having students in our system costs us per month that is why we purge our system after 90 days . Those students who never activated their Groupon but still have it, can use the original purchase amount towards existing classes.

I purchased a Groupon how do I activate it so I can use my pass?

Your Groupon code will not be recognized as a discount in out system. In order for you to be able to register you will have to email us your: email, first name, last name, phone number, pass type purchased and your 8 or 9 digit Groupon number. We will create a profile for you in our system and add your membership type. Once processed you will receive an email with your password which will allow you to register into your classes. Please note: we process these passes as they come in and you will be responsible for registering into the classes of your choice. If you are in an Intro Class Trial you will look for: Trial Class- Intro to Pole (in green) on the schedule. Our Email is

Pole Skill Level Questions

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What is A Skill Level System?

It is a movement based class learning to build skills set out in each Level. One must complete and master certain skills prior to moving into the next level.

How will that change those currently in levels?

We will be handing out a skill sheet for everyone. They will self-evaluate and the instructor will assist in evaluating.

What if there is a certain move in a level I just can’t get? Does that mean I stay in that level forever?

Not necessarily. There are key moves that have to be accomplished in order to move ahead, but not all of them. The reason is the key moves may be a foundation for the next level.

What Happens to the routines after Intro?

We can offer Beginner pole choreography both single classes and series. You will still learn pole moves but also the transitions dance moves that tie them together. You can do erotic choreography, or contemporary pole as well and just beginner pole choreography. It is recommended that you still take the regular skills class to work on the movements in your routine classes  in order to feel successful.

What If My Class Time Changes?

We realize that time is a concern for some. That is why we will try to offer 2 classes of the same level each week to allow you to adjust your schedule.

Can I take Spin Pole or Choreography Classes?

Yes. You would just make sure that you have the skills for the classes you wish to take. We will indicate on the class description

I don't see a start date on the calendar, when do I start the next level?

The levels are ongoing. You can start at anytime. the instructor will go repeatedly over moves and will follow along the skill building list. If you are not quite at the class level the instructor will demonstrate and give moves and skills to work on.

What should I expect at the Beginner & Amateur Level classes?

You will be doing swing, spins, and a variety of transitions movements to go into and out of swings in each class. Strength and conditioning moves will be implemented as well. Amateur will add more inversion skills including sits, leg hangs and more. These are outlined in skill sheets.

How does this skill system benefit the lower levels?

This will benefit greatly. There is so much to teach we just haven't had enough time to show and teach all that we can in lower levels. Students will learn so much more, become more well rounded in their pole skills, and gain solid foundations.  Along with skills will come greater strength and beginner climbs and holds can be started earlier to allow for the strength gains.

How does this affect the intermediate to advance levels?

By keeping the student skill levels together in the same class allows the instructor to plan classes based on the class ability. Many times the instructor has had to abandon class structure to accommodate those in different levels attending class. By the instructor being able to be better prepared will allow for student advancement and create a challenging and effective class for both student and instructor. We want to see our students succeed.

I see that there is a policy that if a student is away from pole more than 60 days they have to be an evaluated. Why is that?

 It doesn't take long for a student to lose strength, conditioning, and ability. We set this Policy for safety reasons. We do not want to see anyone getting hurt. We would go through your skill sheet assessment and how your skills are. We may suggest you go into a different level from what your are used to. This may be short term in order for you to regain your strength and skills you once had. Know that this is done in the best interest of the student.

When would an evaluation for a student who has been away or transfer student take place?

We allow assessments to be done Sundays at Open pole provided the student has made arrangements of doing so. It can also be done at a time that is convenient with both student and instructor.

What if i am supposed to be in a higher level class but go to/stay in a lower level?

If you chose to go to a lower level class know that the instructor will be teaching to that level and won't deviate from the lesson plan. This however, can give you a chance to work on the "other" side skills. We ask that you respect the instructor and safety protocol and follow along with the lesson and not treat it as an open pole.


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