Policies & Procedures
Effective June 16th, 2020

We are so excited to announce that we will be opening on July 2, 2020! We were given the green light to open as of Friday, June 12th but we really wanted to take a bit more time to plan out a safe and gradual re-entry to keep all of you and our staff safe and healthy!

I am sure you will have lots of questions about how this will look. Please have a read below and email us at sheryl@strutfitness.ca if you still have questions.

New Policies and Procedures


  1. Student Expectations:


1. If you have any symptoms of a cold or fever, please do not attend classes. Staff reserve the right to refuse entry. Complete the self-assessment below prior to attending each class. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions, DO NOT come into the studio and DO NOT attend class.


2.  Masks will be mandatory for both students and staff. If you do not have a mask, there will be masks available for purchase at the front for $2.


3. Please only arrive 5-10 minutes before class time as we do not have a waiting area anymore.


4. Arrive on time to control the number of students in the studio space, the doors will be locked during classes. Late students will not be permitted to join the class. Please be aware spectators, children, or anyone not participating in the class will not be allowed in the studio.


4. Please if possible, arrive changed and limit the amount of belongings you bring with you to the studio to limit the amount of contact in shared spaces.


5. We will have contactless check ins. Upon entry, you will have a temperature check, directed to use hand sanitizer/to wash your hands and will be directed to your class room. Please wash/use sanitizer when leaving.


6. Lobby/waiting rooms will be closed. Once you check in, you can go directly into your classroom to a marker. Change rooms and washrooms will be available for use and cleaned between each class.


7. We will have markers on the floor to ensure that everyone stays 2 meters apart.


8. Bring your belongings to your studio where there will be cubbies. Belongings should be kept in a wipeable bag. Dance room will use the cubby in former lobby area.

9. We will be offering classes with 20 minutes between them so that we have ample time to for clean each room.

10. Students will need to bring their own yoga mat if one is required for the class. - It will be one person per apparatus at all levels including aerial classes.


11. We do not have a water cooler, so bring your own water, or you can purchase.


12. Maintain your distance. Please respect others and maintain a minimum physical distance of 6 feet at all times. Proceed directly to your pole/spot at the start of class. Each student will grab a yoga mat (if they did not bring one from home), mat and/or pole cleaner, and a clean cloth to use throughout the class.


13.  Be courteous. Do your part to keep our pole family safe. Abide by our safety protocols, use proper equipment etiquette, and minimize the use of scented personal products.


14. Clean your space. At the end of class, use the cleaning products provided to wipe down your pole, mat, floor surrounding your pole, and any other equipment you may have touched. Used cloths can be disposed in our laundry upon exiting the studio.

15. Once class ends we ask that students leave in a timely matter in order to maintain social distance between incoming and students leaving. We need time to prepare the space for the next group of students. After your class, once you have finished cleaning your space, please leave the studio so the staff can finish our cleaning. Feel free to socialize outside after class while maintaining social distancing.


16. We do ask that you fill out a new waiver and Par-Q before your first class back. These forms will be available via Scheduler and must be filled out online prior to class.


17. Students will be asked to stay in their area during class, please do not try to assist any fellow student. Music player will solely be used by instructor.


  2. Staff Protocols & Expectations:



Enhanced cleaning protocols. Our studio has always been regularly disinfected to maintain a healthy environment. We are increasing the frequency of our cleaning, disinfecting high touch surfaces between each class, and increasing the alcohol content of all our cleaning products.


  •  All equipment will be sterilized between classes including crash mats.

  •  Floors will be swept and mopped between every class.

  •  Washrooms will be cleaned regularly throughout the evening.

  • High touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected.  

  • All equipment will be cleaned before and after each class including fabrics.

  • Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, Lysol Spray, Isopropyl and fabric spray will be used and readily available for student use as well.




Reduced class sizes. Poles are 8ft apart and we have reduced the number of poles and students in classes. Dance room spaces are marked out on the floor 7 ft between and we have reduced the number available to attend.


Reduced intensity warm-ups to avoid increased respiratory rates. We will still ensure your body and muscles are properly prepared for each lesson.



Pole & Aerial Classes


We will enforce physical distancing. This means no spotting during class. Your instructors will guide you through progressions to ensure your practice is safe and within your ability. Instructors will provide visual and verbal feedback. Because of this, we are offering pole choreography, Intro, Beginner, erotic, amateur pole, and aerial yoga classes. Any higher level classes such as intermediate pole will be marked as review classes. This means that you cannot attend a new level, you can only attend classes that you have already taken.


We do not want members attempting moves that they have not done before as we would be unable to properly spot you. So not “trying” moves to see if you can still do them, it is important for everyone's safety that you follow the instructors class plan.


Other Classes


All flow and stretch classes will still be offered. We will however hold off on offering higher impact/cardio classes in the studio due to the mandatory masks. We will continue to offer some of these classes online so that you can do them in the comfort of your own home without a mask on.


Online Classes


We will continue to offer limited online classes as well and starting July 1st, you will be able to use your regular studio membership if you choose to do so. Because we will not be offering our higher impact/cardio based classes in the studio, you will still be able to do some of these classes online such as Boot camp, Strength & Stretch, Booty Barre.  If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to email Sheryl at sheryl@strutfitness.ca


Other Studio Etiquette:


Take extra care to wipe down all equipment used in class. We encourage you to clean your pole prior to use as well as after.


NO sharing of equipment. If you wish to use a crash mat or other shared equipment, you must wipe it down after use.


Please feel free to bring your own equipment, including yoga mats, blocks, ankle weights, etc.


If you bring personal equipment,  you are required to clean your personal equipment at the studio prior to using it.


Your cleaning cloth is for single person use. Please dispose used clothes in the laundry bin at the end of class. Do not share your cloth with others during class.


Aerial Classes require yoga socks or regular socks for hygienic reasons.


  1. Rapid Response Plan:  


For Students If a student shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19 during a class they must:

1. Thoroughly wash their hands

2. Keep mask on.

3. Promptly exit the building


If a student is unable to drive themselves home or are waiting for a ride, they must wait in the staff area with a mask on until they are able to leave. The instructor will ensure all surfaces the student may have touch are cleaned prior to continuing the class. If an instructor must administer first aid and is unable to maintain physical distancing, they will wear gloves and a mask. Instructors will repeat hand hygiene prior to returning to class and ensure all surfaces touched are sanitized.


For Instructors If an instructor show signs or symptoms of COVID-19 during a class they must:

1. Thoroughly wash their hands

2. Keep mask on

3. Promptly exit the building If no other instructor is on site who can safely take over the class, the class will be deemed cancelled. The instructor will inform students of symptom onset, have students clean their areas, and all students will be required to exit the studio. The studio will be disinfected prior to the next use. Passes will be reimbursed if an instructor is unable to complete a class due to COVID-19 symptoms.



Will my membership/pass be taken off hold?
All membership will be taken off hold on July 1st, 2020.

Can I use my membership for online classes?
Yes, you can starting on July 1st but you don't have to. Online classes are still a separate pricing option.

Can I use past credits that I didn't get to use?
Yes, if you had credits in March that you didn't get to use before all memberships were held, please shoot us an email at Sheryl@strutfitness.ca and we will carry them forward!

My Punch Card, can I get an extension?
Absolutely, we would be happy to extend this so you don't lose your classes. Please email us at Sheryl@strutfitness.ca 

Cancellation Policy

We want to stress the importance of staying home if you are sick or showing symptoms. We also understand that there will be waitlists for classes given our reduced schedule. Keeping this in mind, please note our cancellation policy below.

• If students are unable to attend class for any reason, they must cancel at least 4 hours prior to the start of class. This can be done by removing themselves from the class roster on the app or website, or by emailing sheryl@strutfitness.ca

. • If a student cancels their class 4+ hours prior to the start of class, the student will have the pass available for use for future classes.

 • Class passes for missed classes must be used by the expiry date on the pass.

 • If a class is cancelled less than 4 hours prior to the start of the class, it is considered a late cancellation and the pass used for the class will not be returned.

• Unlimited members who cancel less than 4 hours prior to the start of their class will be charged a $10 late cancellation fee.

• If you have a sudden onset of symptoms within the 4-hour period prior to the start of your class, DO NOT attend class. Please email sheryl@strutfitness.ca. If you have any questions about our cancellation policy or any other policy please contact sheryl@strutfitness.ca

The studio is still closed at this time so we will not be answering phones until July 1st.

We are so excited to see you in person in a couple weeks! We have missed you so much!


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