Price List

Monthly Memberships

All Class Type Memberships 8, 15 or 20 Classes per month.

Monthly memberships are great for those who are planning on attending classes monthly on a regular bases. These Classes may include dance classes both series and drop-in, fitness drop-in classes, pole and aerial classes a month. Each type has a amount of classes available each month. (Ask for details)

Membership Includes:
Passes can be 8 pass, 16, 20 or unlimited a month and include any type of class. Any additional classes over your allotted pass amount are charged at per-use basis at $15 for a dance/fitness and $20 for a pole/aerial for a single or you can purchase a pass of 5 to add onto your monthly classes.

Fitness classes included: Barre, TRX, HIIT, Dance Fitness, Dance Series (Must register for all in series), Pole Cardio Fitness, Pole Pump, Yoga, Burlesque, and may include others that may appear on schedule. 

A pole class is a class that includes pole as part of its curriculum and is necessary for the class. Examples Include: Pole Series. Pole Choreography, Pole Cardio Fitness or Lyrical Pole..etc. Memberships do not include specialty workshops or guest instructors. When registering in a series you must complete all classes in order. *Please note unused classes do not carry over to following month.

Memberships do not include any specialty workshop or guest instructor, however as a member you would receive a special code to receive a reduced rate for the specialties. * Please note your pole classes do not carry over one month to the next. All of the memberships auto renew at the end of the given term. 

Please read through the agreement so you are aware of our policies and procedures. Monthly memberships renew every month. We have opened ended memberships, you will have to give 30 day notice to cancel your monthly payments. Please familiarize yourself with the missed class and cancellation policy.


Unlimited Monthly Membership

This is a monthly unlimited membership. Great for those who want to take it all! Student can take as many classes as they wish. Available in open ended monthly, commitment. If the student takes a series they are automatically registered into all in the series.

(Ask for details)



Perks:Special rate For Guest Instructors/Workshops

No Cost for Open Pole Times

10% Off Any Private Party Package


Class Packages

Pole & Aerial

This is a pole/aerial class pass that is good for any regular class that has pole or aerial hammock. Includes drop-in and series. (ie. pole strong/aerial strong, pole-esque. aerial play, aerial fit) Series must be completed in order, and you must register for each class prior to attending. Please familiarize yourself with the missed class and class cancellation policy. Please Note: that The Intro to Pole series has its own price and is not part of this pass. Please note: passes expire 60 days after purchase (No exceptions)

1 Class Pass – 26 plus gst

5 Class Pass – 119.95plus gst (23 a class)


Fitness & Dance Classes (Non-pole/Aerial)

This is a class pass good for all drop-in style fitness and dance classes (not including dance series, aerial play series or pole levels. You can use for Barre, Burlesque Fit, Yoga, Pole Pump, Pole Cardio, Aerial Fit, Insanity, Zumba and others that appear as yellow, orange, red, grey and brown on the schedule. Please familiarize yourself missed class or class cancellation policy. Please note passes expire 60 days after purchase (No exceptions).

1 Class Pass – 21 plus gst

5 Class Pass – 99.99 plus gst (18 a class)

Fitness , Dance, Pole & Aerial (All classes)

This is a class pass good for all drop-in style fitness and dance classes, pole and aerial  Please familiarize yourself with the missed class or class cancellation policy. Please note passes expire 120 days after purchase (No exceptions).

10 Class Pass – 195 plus gst (19.50 a class)


Registered Series Classes

Once registered into this class you are registered into all 4/5 classes in the series. Classes are consecutive same day/time each week. Please note passes expire 90 days after purchase. (No exceptions)


Intro to Pole 4 Class Series – Special - $79 plus gst


Aerial Play Suspension 5 Class Series – $119.95 plus gst (Or 5 classes from your pole class package)


Burlesque Dance 5 Class Series - $99.99 plus gst




Pole: 1.5 Hour $37.50 per person

Lap Dance: 1.5 Hour $35.00 per person

Dance: 1 Hour $25 per person

Dance: 1.5 Hour $35.00 per person


Private Lessons (when Available – not the same as parties)

Members - 1 Hour $85 plus gst.

Non- Members - $95 plus gst.


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