Classes for youth ages 12 - 17

Open Studio


Open studio is a self-directed time to work on skills or choreography from any class with the instructor present for questions and technique pointers. A great place to start developing choreography ideas or just practice. 

For inquiries or private lesson booking please email our program director

Jazz Class 


Jazz classes at SASY are studio style jazz which stems from many styles of dance including ballet and numerous African dance styles. Jazz has a specific focus on connecting to different sounds within the music through isolations and extensions.  

Strength & Stretch 

This class is conditioning and flexibility training developed specifically for dancers. Our only SASY and Strut mixed class gives youth students the opportunity to train with adult dancers. 

Aerial Class 


Aerial dance styles come from circus. In this SASY class students will learn about rigging safety as well as different styles of rigging. The main focus will be on aerial hammock as it is a great apparatus to start strengthening and conditioning with. Other apparatus may be used in class if students demonstrate proficient strength and skill level. 

Lyrical Class 


Lyrical classes at SASY work on technique and expressing emotion through movement connected to lyrics. Lyrical is a technical style that is a mixture between ballet and jazz. For the choreography class we will be working with a song that the class picks as a group.   

Acro Class 


Acro classes at SASY are a combination of dance tricks, gymnastics, and contortion. Students will learn about stretching and conditioning in a healthy way to achieve poses and tricks in a sustainable way for their bodies. 

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