For youth ages 12 - 17

About SASY School of Dance 


Strut All Style Youth (SASY) is a program teaching technique and performance skills to youth in a variety of dance styles. Our goal is to create an inclusive program for youth of varied backgrounds where everyone is encouraged to learn and collaborate. 

SASY is a recreational program with the goal of creating dance performance art. At SASY we understand that there are various learning styles. Due to our small class sizes we are able to tailor our teaching to the individual needs of each student. 

Technique Classes


SASY offers technique classes for ages 12-17 in jazz, lyrical, acrobatics, and aerial hammock. Jazz and lyrical classes are open to all skill levels.


Due to COVID-19 we are only able to offer acrobatics and aerial hammock classes to students with prior experience at this time.

There will be no spotting in class to maintain social distancing, therefore to keep classes safe while still building skills there will be a focus on conditioning, stretching, and variations of skills students are familiar with.


Please book an assessment prior to registration in acrobatics and aerial hammock.

Performance Classes


SASY performance classes build off of what is learned in technique class to create a piece of dance performance art. Due to COVID-19 we will not be holding a showcase or recital but instead creating student videos. This is a great opportunity for students to start building their portfolios while experiencing working with a professional videographer in the studio setting. 

Students in performance classes must take the technique class in the same style. 

For inquiries or private lesson booking please email our program director


126 16 Ave NE #11, Calgary, AB T2E 1J5, Canada

(403) 999-0847

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