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Frequently Asked Party Questions

What do you do for parties?

Our instructors provide a fun-filled evening for women to encourage each other while experiencing something exciting and new. We can do home parties and studio parties. We provide the dance props, and the party hostess provides the house (if home) and the girlfriends. Together we provide the fun! The parties are exclusively developed for your specific party. The parties can be classy enough for bridal showers, and a bit more naughty for a girls-night-out or bachelorette party. The party consultant will tailor all the moves depending upon the age, flexibility, and willingness of the group. The women can be as young as 18, or as experienced as 98. Our goal is for every woman to leave the party feeling beautiful, strong, sexy and confident.

How do I book a party?

Please contact us to confirm time, party type and availability. Once confirmed, you would put down a small Non-refundable deposit confirming your attendance. Once your deposit is paid we will confirm the details of time, type and location. Please Fill Out Form and Submit that you will find at the bottom of this Stagette/Party Page.

How far ahead do I have to put down a deposit?

Party times go quickly and certain days and times are busier than others. If you have a time you want it is best to move quickly. We try our best to accommodate your request, however, because of the amount of requests/inquiries we receive a non refundable deposit is the only way to secure your booking.

What is your cancellation policy for parties?

The purpose of you deposit is to ensure you party time is reserved so no one can book that time slot (we don't double book). You can cancel your event but your forfeit your deposit.

When we have a party can we bring food and/or beverages?

We allow only non-alcoholic beverages in our studio. If you would like to bring food and beverages we can set them up in a separate area to consume and mingle. We do not allow food and beverages in the dance area. If you want to bring food and beverages in please ask studio prior to bring such items in. Please note: There is an additional damage deposit/clean up fee ($75) for this service and cleanup.

If we have a party booked but want additional time can do we do that?

​If the instructor is available and you would like additional time. The cost is $75-125 for every half hour, depending type of extension, ie playtime or lesson time.

Can we do more than one party type?

You can, however you must state you would like 2 party types so we can quote you appropriately.

What if one of the girls is pregnant, can she participate?

Unfortunately, she can not unless she has a written note from her Doctor saying she can participate in said activity. She is still welcome to come and be supportive, take photos etc.

What if we have had alcoholic beverages prior to the event?

We can not control what you do prior to your party, however, if we feel its unsafe to continue, we have the right to cancel your party at your cost, if you or someone at your party appears too intoxicated to participate.

What happens if we are running late to the event?

Please call as soon as you can so we know. We understand things happen, our instructors are booked by the hour and we will continue your party during your time booked. If you request any additional time that will depend on the instructors' and studio's availability. We have to charge for the extra time for the instructor and for the studio at a rate of $75 - $125 for each half hour you request if it is available.

How long do you recommend for a lesson?

What we tell everyone is whether is a non-strenuous dance class or a little more physical like pole lesson it is still exercise and you will get warm. We keep all the lessons in such a way that everyone can participate. Pole will have a swing component so it is considered a little more physical but we do lots of fun and flirty moves that everyone can do. We do learn routines so some find the 1 hour party sufficient for the sake of remembering dance moves. Ultimately party choice and length is your choice. For longer parties we have a variety of package ideas (above), but can always tailor it to your group. Email us for details.

What should we expect for our event?

Please arrive a few minutes early about 5 min's we start our parties right on time and have a waiver for your group to sign prior to your start time. Once your group has arrived and we are all set to go we will start your lesson we will go through a fun warm up then once ready to go we will learn a routine from one of you party lesson choices. If you need breaks for water let us know as it is your party and we will accommodate your needs. Depending on the time of your booked event, Instructors may suggest a game to break things up and to add a little fun. We will leave time at the end of your event for play time and pictures. Please note: If you are planning multiple events for your day be sure of your other booking times and leave enough time between events to start on time as we run parties back to back with a small 10 min interval between parties. Most important be ready to have fun!

What should we wear for our event?

Wear something comfortable to move in. Even though we are having fun we are still exercising and you can get warm. If you chose to dress up you may want to bring a change of clothes or a pair of boy shorts to wear under any dress/skirt. We try to keep it fun so feel free to take as many breaks as needed. We typically teach in bare feet, dancer's shoes, or indoor runners. You can even bring heels to try your routine for the finale!!

What if need to change the date or time of our event?

If we have an available date and time we will change it for you, however there will be a $25 Administration fee for each separate change. If the event isn't changeable and you are unable to attend you will unfortunately forfeit  your deposit.

Stagettes & Parties

Make your event one to remember!

We are dedicated to make your event special. Our instructors are ready to teach you a fun, flirty routine in a variety of genres. Whether you are looking for pole dance, burlesque, or a little more naughty and have us host your lap dance party we are excited for the opportunity. As each party is unique as you are we like to know what you want for your event so we can tailor it to YOU!!
See some of our party packages and send us a line so we can create your perfect event!

Pole Party

1 Hour Party

Sexy Fun & Flirty


Your Choice of a single (1) lesson Type. Burlesque, Pole, Chair Burlesque, or Lap Dance/Tease.

Studio Parties Only (Due to Covid)

You chose if you want to spend some of your time, practicing, posing for photos. Its your time so make it memorable.

1 Hour - 6  attendees or less $159 plus gst  (single studio lesson)

Additional Participants are $26 per person.

Burlesque Party

1.5 Hour Party

Flirty & Fun

Option A:
Your Choice of a single (1) lesson type. Burlesque, Pole, Chair Burlesque, or Lap Dance/Tease.
1 Hour of Instruction and 30 min of Studio time.*

Option B:
Your Choice of one (1) lesson type.
1.5 hours of Instruction time.

Option C:
Your Choice of two (2) Party Lessons
45 min of Instruction for each lesson.

Bachelorette Parties Calgary

2 Hour Party

Go For It!

Option A:
Your Choice of a single (1) Party Type. Burlesque, Pole, Chair Burlesque, or Lap Dance /Tease.
1 Hour of Instruction
1 Hour of Studio time* Usually With Add-ons See Below

Option B:
Your Choice of a single (1) lessons.
1.5 hours of Instruction time.
30 Min Studio Time*

Option C:
Your Choice of two (2) lessons.
1.5 hours of Instruction time. 45 for each party lesson.
30 Min Studio Time*

Option D:
Your Choice of two (2 )Party Lessons
120 min of Instruction Time 60 Minutes for each lesson.

Dance Parties

Naughty & Nice 2 Hour Party

1 hour Lesson & 1 Hour Pure Romance

This Party package is great for those who want a little bit of naughty. The first hour is spent with us. Then followed by a 1 hour Passion Party featuring the top ten sellers. Those looking for a stagette gift can put towards a "Bridal Survival Package" that can be custom made for the Bride or group can also purchase Bridal Bucks so the Lady of honor can purchase what she wants. Book Early for availability

Your Choice of a single (1) Party Lesson Burlesque, Pole, Chair Burlesque, Lap Dance and Tease.
One (1) Hour dance lesson with us.
One (1) Hour In studio With Passion Party Host
Gift For Bride/Lady of Honor Something Naughty, Something Nice

Limited Participant due to Safety Due to Covid Regulations.
The first hour is your lesson. The second hour is booked for your Passion Party.

Girls Night Out Dance Party

Girls Night Out

Have Your Lesson With Us ~ Follow it with the Club!

Your Choice of a single Party Type. Burlesque, Pole, Chair Burlesque, Lap Dance and Tease. Home or studio or on site (pole not available off site) (Cowboys) party.

Package 1: Early Stagette Package 

$50 Gift Card upon Arrival (Valid only with purchase of limo)

Two Reserved Cocktail Tables with limited seating (held until 10PM)

Cowboys Stagette Scavenger Hunt

No Line/No Cover until 9:30PM for your group

Preferred rate of $125 for a 14 person limo (One way, within city limit) 

                                                              We will set up the details.

Package 2: Extended Stagette Guest list 

No line/No cover until 10:30PM for your group

Cowboys Stagette Scavenger Hunt


PLEASE NOTE: Stampede time at Cowboys there is no Limousine Service and Different Packages Apply - Limited Amount of Stagettes July 9th-16th. Call Cowboys for details.

Cowboys packages do change from time to time we will do our best to get you the best deal possible!

Limousine Party Extra

Party Extra's

Fun options to add to your event!

Need Transportation? We can help arrange service. Limousine service seats up to 14 pick up and drop-offs available
Consecutive service.
(Preferred Rate)
Have a large group? We can help arrange a Party bus!

Please contact us for a personal quote so we can tailor your party to you. See Inquiry form below.
Studio Parties have a flat fee up to 18 people max for dance 16 people for pole in attendance.

Party Deposits

1 Hour Party Deposit

1.5 Hour Deposit

2 Hour Party Deposit

Please be aware by putting down your deposit you are securing your booking time. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposit are applied to your party balance. Once received a formal party agreement will be sent to you.

Please Note: Any Changes to Time/Date are subject to a $25 Fee.


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